Law of international transactions, project financing, investment financing; mergers and acquisitions and related credit contracts. Tax planning related to investments.

Data protection

General data protection rules, data transfer, special data.
Proceeding with the office of the data protection commissioner, data protection notifications.
Data protection counselling and audit.

Consumer protection

Proceeding with consumer protection authorities in diverse industries, such as energy, pharmaceutical, food industry and trade.

Life Sciences

Registration rules, data exclusivity.
Drug marketing consultation and advertising law opinions.
Licence contracts; patent representation for innovative drugs and generics, preliminary injunctions. Patent sales in Hungary and abroad.

Real Property

Land sale, purchase and leasing contracts, consulting, green field investment projects.
Real estate investment and lease constructions; property sale and purchase related contracts, real estate register procedures, associated loan agreements.

Industrial Property

Patents, trademarks, utility models, designs, domains.
Applications in Hungary and abroad.
Oppositions, comments, consultancy.
Contract drafting and commenting. Representation before the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office, the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Alicante), courts as well as competent legal forums.

Enforcement, Bankruptcy, Liquidation

Commercial litigation
Comprehensive representation of debtors / creditors in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings; contact with liquidators; preparation of bankruptcy and liquidation settlements.

Public procurement

Preparation and execution of public procurement procedures for contracting authorities and bidders, public procurement documents, announcements and public procurement proposals.
Representation in public procurement proceedings

M & A

Company establishment and registration in Hungary and abroad; drafting foundation, data change, transformation documents, court proceedings, full range of associated consultation services.
Representation in corporate litigation. Laws on foundations, non-profit limited liability companies and associations.
International transactions, project financing, investment loans, buyouts, associated loan agreements.
Investment tax planning.
Corporate due diligence.

Project financing, Bank agreements, Collaterals

Credit and loan agreements, securities.

Advertising, Marketing

Consultation, proceeding with advertising authorities and self-regulating bodies.


International and domestic commercial contracts.
International sales, transport and distribution agreements. Co-marketing, forwarding-transport, franchise, copyright and IP (software, copyright and patent) licences.

Competition law

Proceeding before consumer protection and competition authorities.
Competition law aspects of contracts. Horizontal and vertical agreements, abuse of dominant position.
Merger announcements and consumer protection cases subject to the Hungarian Competition Authority (GVH).


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