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Preparation of employer measures, data protection audits, litigation and official procedures

Facing labor law problems as a small business, as an employer employing several hundred people, or even as an employee? We are here to help you.

Since GDPR entering into force, the importance of data protection has increased in particular – no business can afford to ignore its aspects when designing its operations.

The employment of suitably qualified foreign workers in Hungary requires serious planning, organization and resources, especially when it comes to workers from countries outside the EEA region, even consular cooperation may be necessary. How can we help you? Click here.

Adatvédelem és munkajog

How can we help you?

  1. Advising on general labor law regarding working hours, remuneration for work, occupational health and safety, preparation of employer measures, collective labor law.

  2. Litigation representation in labor proceedings and before labor authorities.

  3. Full legal support for data management and data processing, creation of documentation background: data protection regulations, interest assessments, impact assessments.

  4. Conducting data protection audits – a comprehensive data protection risk assessment for your business.

  5. Development and implementation of labor law and data protection trainings and training programs.

Proper handling of labor law issues is crucial in the life of every company. We believe that the primary goal of effective labor law assistance should be to avoid litigation and official procedures. However, if this were to happen, our office can of course also help: our lawyers have extensive litigation experience before labor courts.

Data protection law also imposes a serious burden on businesses: a detailed and elaborate documentation background is necessary to exclude risks. We often find that a company does not deal with certain data protection problems because the data protection aspects of the individual processes have not yet been integrated into its operation: our firm therefore considers it particularly important to increase data protection awareness among our clients.

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