In the current pandemic situation, companies are forced to adapt to the difficulties of home office work. In order to mitigate the difficulties and the atypical conditions of work, there are several digital solutions available, which may support the continuance of the normal business operation. 




Hungarian Data Protection Authority (“NAIH”) has just published its guidance on data processing activities related to coronavirus for employers. We shortly summarized the main content thereof.


’Becoming broken due to the quarantine, or not?’

– potential labor law aspects of COVID-19 coronavirus –


Simultaneously with the global spread of COVID-19 coronavirus and the increased appearance thereof in the surrounding countries, Hungary and also the private individuals prepare for the management of a potential epidemiological situation.


Regulation regarding computer-, and mobile phone use at workplaces and rules of employer’s data processing in connection with extracts from the penal register are to be amended; as well as legislation of direct marketing activities.

Labor law newsletter 2019/1

We hereby summarize the recently adopted and promulgated amendment of Act I of 2012 on the labor code (hereinafter referring to as: ‘Labor Code’).

Data Protection Newsletter 2018/1.

As we believe that the up-to-date information on the amendment of legal provisions is essential for our Clients, we intend to inform our Client on the significant amendments regularly or on ad-hoc basis by publishing newsletters.

Pharmaceutical Newsletter 2018/1.

Highlights regarding the regulations on databases and notification forms and Guide regarding the application of nutrition and health claims released by OGYÉI We consider significantly important to provide up-to-date information to all of our Clients operating in the field of pharmaceutical sector not only regarding the amendments of legal regulations, but regarding the recommendations, resolutions and practice of the given authority as the every-day operation thereof may be legally defined upon such information.

Professional medical events – Stricter supervision by the Authority

It is vital for our Clients in the field of the pharmaceutical sector to be familiar with the different recommendations and resolutions of the authorities beside the changes to the relevant legislations so that our clients can conduct their everyday business behaviours in compliance with the current legislation and also the requirements of the authorities. Therefore it is particularly important to Germus & Partners Attorneys-At-Law to keep our clients up-to-date on the changes to the relevant legislations as well as such decisions and resolutions, which can be especially relevant to the business decisions of our Clients.

Clarification of competition restricting agreements in the public procurement procedure

It is certainly worth paying a special attention to one of the several changes of the “new” Act CXLIII of 2015 on Public Procurement (hereinafter: PPA), which entered into force November 1st 2015, to the changes in grounds for exclusion and to the new institution of self- clarification which seats new challenges for the participants of public procurement procedures.

The latest “traps” in the act on Competition Law

It is vital for every undertaking to conduct their market behaviours in accordance with the provisions of the competition law of Hungary and the European Union, since any lack of the compliance may be detrimental to our clients.

New EU Regulation on data protection has been published

New EU Regulation on data protection has been published   The new General Data Protection May 4, 2016. It imposes – compared to the currently existing rules – stricter obligations on data controllers and on data processors as well, expands the rights of data subjects, in particular by increasing the transparency of the procedure of data controlling. In this Newsletter we summarize the

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