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The changes introduced by the new Code of Civil Procedure made it particularly important that, on the one hand, a lawsuit can only be initiated after a sufficiently considered and thorough preparation, and on the other hand, that even as a defendant, the counterclaim covers all essential issues.

Our lawyers have several decades of active litigation experience at all levels of the Hungarian court system and special expertise in arbitration proceedings, both as representatives and as arbitrators.

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How can we help you?

  1. Legal advice regarding optimal litigation strategies and the choice of litigation forums.

  2. Detailed compilation of litigation documentation.

  3. Effective, success-oriented litigation representation during negotiations.

  4. Administrative litigation – representation against authorities during the challenge of individual decisions.

  5. Action in arbitration proceedings, either as a representative or as an arbitrator.

Our firm's principle is that the guarantee of the success of a litigation is the quality of preparatory work before its initiation. It must be decided whether it is advisable to start it at all, and if so, in what forum and according to what strategy it is advisable to conduct it. Armed with theoretical knowledge of the new legal rules and several decades of practical experience, we can provide effective assistance to our clients before the various court forums.

Arbitration proceedings, in which we have extensive experience, are particularly emphasized in the practice of our Office, including various permanent and ad hoc arbitrations.

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