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Authority procedures, drug promotion consulting, legal representation, compliance

Priority sector of our office is pharmaceutical law, together with all its sub-areas, including not only prescription or OTC drugs, but also medical devices and dietary supplements.

With decades of experience, we help our partners: multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors of medical devices, dietary supplements, and healthcare providers.


How can we help you?

  1. Full legal representation in official and registration procedures related to medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements.

  2. Consulting on drug promotion activities: commenting on communication materials, legal support related to visitor activities, drug law events.

  3. Development and implementation of internal pharmaceutical law compliance processes.

  4. Legal advice on therapy fidelity and adherence programs.

  5. Preparation for drug regulatory authority inspections and effective representation during procedures.

The world of pharmaceutical and healthcare law is complex: rapid technological and innovation changes, market transformations, strict regulatory environment. Various digital healthcare solutions are gaining more and more space on the market, patient-centered approach is spreading, and the role of private sector in providing healthcare services is growing significantly. Various legal frameworks regulate the distribution and promotion of prescription and OTC medicines, medical devices and medical aids, as well as dietary supplements and cosmetics.

We help our clients implement their business ideas even in this complicated legal environment.

Dr. Germus Gábor


Dr. Kékuti Ákos




Dr. Árvai Bence



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