Intellectual Property

Patent and trademark applications, copyright consulting, trademark research, litigation

The central element of every company's assets is intellectual property: be it visual signs, slogans, know-how, or even inventions. However, it is not enough to create these assets, it must also be legally secured with registrations and, if necessary, with firm litigation.

Our lawyers are internationally recognized experts in the field of intellectual works, which is proven by the 2021 prize awarded to our office in Hungary by The Patent Lawyer.

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How can we help you?

  1. Patent consulting, development of patent claims, representation in patent filing procedures.

  2. Trademark research, trademark consulting, trademark filings, both in terms of national, EU and international trademarks.

  3. Representation in litigation procedures before the National Office of Intellectual Property and courts.

  4. Copyright consulting and litigation

  5. Consulting in the field of utilization of intellectual property, development of license agreements and other utilization schemes.

Members of our office have been active participants in the field of intellectual property law for several decades. Based on our extensive experience, we can effectively help our clients to evaluate the company's assets that can be utilized and registered as intellectual property, and, of course, in protecting them as well.

In addition to the above, our office contributes to the development and legal implementation of various licensing and utilization structures, always with the view that a structure best suited to the business situation and goals of our clients is created.

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