Dr. Kékuti Ákos

Dr. Ákos Kékuti

Ákos is a founding member of the Office, and has studied at ELTE Budapest and at the Ruprechts-Karls University in Heidelberg. He still has connection to the academia, as he is a guest lecturer at the Department of Public International and European Law at ELTE University.

His fields of expertise include competition law, privacy law and employment, he regularly advises clients in mergers and antitrust cases, and on the employment law aspects of transformations, as well as conducting privacy audits.

He likes litigation, as a university student, he participated in moot court competitions, and later became a moot court coach as well, as a lawyer, he represented clients before the Hungarian courts, and the European Court of Justice as well. He is a member of the Hungarian Competition Law Association, and of the Hungarian Intellectual Property Protection Association as well.

He works in English and German, and in his freetime plays and watches football, and likes gastronomy.

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