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The approval date of annual accounts has been amended

Having regard to the current state of emergency, the Government intends to lay down the frame of the legal entities’ operation by continuous legislation in the Economy Protection Action Plan.

In accordance with the Ministry of Finance’s announcement presented on 16 April, 2020 and in line with Decree No. 140/2020. (IV.21.) (Decree), the deadlines concerning the annual accounts based on the Hungarian Accounting Act, i.e. the drawing up, disclosure, deposit, publication and submission thereof shall be extended until 30 September, 2020. Pursuant to the Decree, the deadlines of additional accounting obligations shall also be calculated from 30 September.

We kindly draw the attention to that the Decree’s provisions regarding the deadlines specifies only possibilities for the legal entities, thus the annual accounts may be submitted until the usual deadline, i.e. before 30 September, 2020.

Having regard to the requirements of the approval of the annual accounts being applied in the current pandemic situation, we refer to our previously published newsletter, according to which the possibility of the decision-making via electronic devices and written voting decision-making procedures – even if the deed of foundation of the legal entity does not include any provisions thereon – is provided by the Decree No. 102/2020 (IV.10.).

In line with the above, the legal entity is able to approve its annual account without any difficulties, and also quickly, without any personal contact and in a lawful manner, if the procedure complies with the relevant rules.

Of course, our Firm is readily at your kind disposal during the arising queries and decision-making procedure in accordance with the law, ensuring the compliance with the simplified and – at the same time – special procedure as described the rules published in the frame of Economy Protection Action Plan.

The information above possesses exclusively informative nature, for further details we kindly ask you to contact our Firm.

Dr. Balogh Judit



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