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Having spent several years at law firms with large international client bases, we established our office in 2009 with the intention to try to provide the same precise, accurate and professional service in a smaller, but more efficient and business-oriented organization. At first glance, a financial crisis might not be the most ideal time to start a new office, but we were confident that there would always be market demand for these professional values and, of course, our experience.

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We can now say: this trust was not unfounded, in the years that have passed since then, the number of employees and the client base of our office have continuously expanded, and we have become a recognized player in the market of legal service providers in many fields. Our main areas of expertise are Intellectual Property, Life Sciences, Privacy & Employment, Competition & Commercial Communication, Public Procurement and Litigation: you can read the details by clicking on the links.

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The starting point of our legal philosophy has always been that for us the client is also a partner, since ultimately our task is to help our clients achieve their goals, and this can only be done effectively if we actively work to understand their markets and operations.

We combine our professional experience gained over the years with the fresh, youthful approach of our colleagues. For us, quality means efficiency. We pay special attention to attracting talented young professionals to achieve our common goals. We believe that there is no end to our professional life journey, so we are not against continuous changes either. We improve our knowledge and expand our knowledge at professional conferences and international meetings.

We consider it important to participate in the international organizations of our profession. Among them, TAGLAW, one of the world's Top 3 lawyer networks, has a prominent role. We also participate in many other organizations.

When we sign the contract with our clients, we not only accept the terms contained in it, but also make a professional promise: we will use all our experience and professionalism to find the solution that best serves our clients' goals and needs.

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