Our mission

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Understanding business

We believe that the purpose of a law firm is to help clients achieve their business goals. To do so, we need to understand those goals.
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We do not provide legal essays from a legal ivory tower. We develop solution-oriented and understandable legal proposals for problems that arise.
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Although we have developed legal solutions for many situations, our basic principle is that every case is different and our clients need a customized solution with unique ideas.
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We have decades of practical experience in our core sectors, be it legal advice, official procedures or representation in litigation.
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Creating value

Our goal is to make our clients feel that they are getting more than just answers to their questions: a reliable legal partner they can count on even in really critical situations.

Core sectors

International relations and transactions

Our office is a member of the TagLaw network, which includes more than 160 law firms in more than 90 countries, is certified by Chambers Global Elite and is one of the top 3 largest networks of lawyers in the world. TagLaw is a collaboration of independent, professional law firms whose members are equally committed to providing the highest possible level of legal services. Through the TagLaw network, our firm can immediately recommend a reliable and professional law firm to our clients in most countries of the world.

Through the TagLaw network, our office has been a part of many international transactions and company mergers, be it investments of international companies in Hungary, or even the regional or European expansion of Hungarian companies.

TagLaw network and our transaction experience make our office capable of providing effective and comprehensive legal assistance to our domestic and international clients in any complex and multi-stakeholder international transaction.

Facilitating the employment of foreign workers in Hungary

The employment of suitably qualified foreign workers in Hungary requires serious planning, organization and resources, especially when it comes to workers from countries outside the EEA region, even consular cooperation may be necessary. How can we help you? Click here.

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